Our associates are the heart of our Company and our greatest asset. 凯发k8国际娱乐版 我们的人民. 我们的目的. 报告highlights the diversity, commitment and accomplishments of our associates. 它反映了包容的重要性和我们对包容的信念, social responsibility and the power to make a collective difference in our Company and the communities we serve.

下载我们的人民. 我们的目的.


我们所做的一切都根植于我们的核心价值观“尊重”, 完整性, 卓越的服务和持久的关系. 我们是一群充满爱心的看护者. We've cultivated an environment of service for both the families we serve and each other so we can fulfill our vision of celebrating life with dedication, 卓越与创新.






Our people make us who we are, and our differences make us stronger. We foster an inclusive culture where people of all walks of life can build a rewarding career and achieve their full potential. 像这样, we strive to ensure that all associates are compensated equitably and given an equal opportunity to contribute and advance in the workplace.

我们使用基准数据, 如果有, 建立有竞争力的薪酬范围, 通过我们的年度业绩和绩效规划程序, we review our associates’ compensation to ensure we are providing equal pay for equal work and performance, 无论性别, 比赛, 或任何其他受法律保护的地位. We are committed to continue reviewing our practices ensuring equity and fairness.

除了, 作为提供平等机会的雇主, 基于种族的歧视, color, 国家的起源, 宗教, 种族, 年龄, 性, 性取向, 性别认同, 资深的地位, disability 或任何其他受法律保护的地位 is strictly prohibited against any associate, 申请人, 客户或其他任何人. 这包括所有的就业决定, 如招聘, 招聘, 促销活动, 裁员或终止妊娠, 利率的支付, 和副福利.

By providing fair employment for all associates and ensuring that we are making 招聘, promotion and compensation decisions that promote inclusion and diversity, we are fostering an inclusive culture that helps us lever年龄 the diversity of backgrounds, 经历, 我们团队成员的想法和观点, enabling us to make better business decisions and remain relevant with our customers.



We look forward to making more positive strides to foster a culture of inclusion and diversity, 公平和包容是我们前进的道路.



我们公司的人口统计数据与美国密切相关.S. 人口统计资料



包容 & 多样性计划 & 倡议

In 2017, we established a committee to review our practices and ensure that inclusion and diversity are integrated into our long-term business strategy. 从那时起, we've taken positive strides and established a number of programs and policies to foster a culture of inclusion. 这些包括:


我们的联合资源社区, 或弧, 是自愿的, collaborative groups connecting colleagues with similar interests for networking and mentorship. ARCs inspire meaningful change within our Company and helps lever年龄 our diverse perspectives and backgrounds.


Our outstanding leaders conduct monthly webinars designed to help our associates grow both personally and professionally. This series of monthly webinars is available to all associates and covers topics including work-life balance, 时间管理和健康生活. 


We take special interest in providing associates with clear career paths to help them achieve their professional goals. Open job positions are posted to an internal jobs p年龄 for a minimum of five days so associates can learn about opportunities within 凯发k8国际娱乐版 that may be of interest to them.


我们的管理技能培训课程, 主要有尊严, 教导领导者处理不同的沟通风格, 建立一个积极和包容的工作环境, 提供有效和可操作的反馈, and execute best practices for recruiting and retaining top talent.


Senior leaders attend additional training including insights on trust and inclusion and its application in the workplace so they are equipped with the tools and support they need to promote an inclusive culture where all individuals have an opportunity to thrive.


Women make up half of our workforce and bring unique perspectives and a range of strengths to the workplace. 凯发k8国际娱乐版妇女领导会议 aims to inspire and invest in our female leaders, 通过给他们提供联系的机会, 分享想法,发展和提高他们的领导技能.


除了工作场所的多样性, we also strive for gender diversity on our 董事会. Each Board member brings a unique perspective and background that contributes insight on corporate strategy and enhancing our culture.

首席执行官为多样性而行动 & 包容

认识到变革始于执行层, 首席执行官, Chairman and President Tom Ryan joined the 首席执行官为多样性而行动 & 包含™, the largest 首席执行官-driven business commitment to advancing inclusion and diversity in the workplace.


Because our people provide exceptional care for the families we serve and produce outstanding work, we are privileged to recognize their contributions through several award programs.

例如, the 凯发k8国际娱乐版 Service Excellence Awards is our Company’s premier awards program and recognizes outstanding associates who embody the Company’s core values in everything they do. Every year, we recognize approximately 800 associates as winners. 通过全面的选择过程, five associates receive an all-expense paid trip with a guest to Houston for a number of events in their honor, 包括与我们的管理团队举行颁奖招待会. 

 Our Market Premier Performers conference rewards the top 150 sales associates who get to experience a dynamic spectrum of speakers, 用于刷新的断接会话和组活动, 使头脑恢复活力和活力, 每个参与者的身体和精神.